Sue Lee Kang

Sue Lee Kang

My son Collin Kang is now in High School who always feared Math. Collin was given the best guidance and instruction by MSPL Math teacher that he could have asked for. The amount of knowledge Ashish drilled into him coupled with the carefully crafted test schedules ensures the high score a student can get. He takes special care about slow learners and motivates them to improve in all aspects. I recommended MPSL Academy to 4 of my friends and now their kids are also part of the MPSL family. English teacher Irma personally reaches out to anyone falling behind, putting in work that instructors elsewhere cannot match.

Anguel Lindarev

My sons Daniel and Alex study Math at MPSL Academy. With the effort of the Math teacher Ashish, they both finished on top of Michigan Math Kangaroo competition last year. I believe MPSL has laid a strong foundation for future Math challenges like SAT, ACT and College education and I am very thankful for all the hard work, dedication and flexibility of their MPSL teacher.


Jayaraman Rathinam

My kid was one of the first to start at MPSL Academy and has grown his math skills over the years. MPSL focuses on the individuals, creates the interest in Math,  develops great skills along the way in a fun, friendly, no pressure environment where kids like to go to learn more. My son has gained a strong foundation for future math challenges like SAT, ACT. A year ago my daughter who is an elementary school student took up the tutoring and enjoys the math lessons and learning process.