Math (High School) – Grade 9 to 12

Math (High School)

Geometry (Math for High School)

Geometry sessions help students to learn the basics of Geometry along with Reasoning and Proofs. Students are introduced to Circumference, Area and Volume of Polygons, Advance Concepts of Trigonometry, Graphing Equation of Parabola along with Solving Real-Life Problems.

Monday 4:30 PM or Sunday 5:45 PM (EDT)

Algebra 2 (Math for High School)

Algebra 2 sessions will focus on Modeling with Mathematics along with Abstract Reasoning & Critical Thinking. Topics like Complex Numbers, Polynomial Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Probability along with Sequences & Series are taught with advanced implementation in real world.

Thursday 4:30 PM or Sunday 12:45 PM (EDT)

PreCalculus for High School

Precalculus covers topics to prepare students for Calculus. Topics like graphing of functions is important since graphs are used throughout Calculus. Students are introduced to Advance Matrices, Vectors, Inferential Statistics, Limits and Derivatives. It also teaches Repeated Reasoning and Problem Solving.

Saturday 12:15 PM or Sunday 12:45 PM (EDT)

Calculus (Math for High School)

Students are introduced to Differential and Integral Calculus to help them understand changes between values that are related by a function. Calculus is used in many different areas such as physics, astronomy, biology, engineering, economics, medicine and sociology. Mainly, calculus is operations on functions and their derivatives whereas algebra deals with operations on variables and numbers.

Saturday 12:15 PM or Sunday 12:45 PM (EDT)

ACT (Math)

The ACT mathematics test is a 60-question, 60-minute test designed to assess the mathematical skills students have typically acquired in courses taken up to the beginning of grade 12. ACT Prep is a course that allows students to prepare for the college entrance tests with a primary focus on the ACT test. This class is designed for Juniors and Seniors who want to score well on their ACT test or to improve their ACT scores.

Sunday 12:45 PM or Sunday 5:45 PM (EDT)


SAT will help students with the PSAT. If students start to prep for the SAT before their junior year (when they take the PSAT NMSQT), any SAT prep they do will also prepare them for the PSAT. PSAT has the same question types and tests the same knowledge areas as the SAT. By prepping for the SAT, students are prepping for both tests! PSAT scores determine your eligibility for National Merit Scholarships. Colleges use SAT scores (and ACT scores) for admissions and merit-based scholarships.

Sunday 12:45 PM or Sunday 5:45 PM (EDT)